Tijuana Flats

We had been anxious to give Tijuana Flats a try since it opened a few months ago. We both love Tex-Mex and we were excited to head over when someone gave us a coupon. It was another restaurant I had misconceptions about. I again thought it would be a full-service restaurant, but wasn’t displeased to discover, much like Tin Fish, you order at the counter and your food is delivered to your table, made fresh.

Since we had never been, we spent a few minutes studying the menu before we hopped in line. In that time, at least two exuberant employees asked if we had any questions, were more than happy to explain the menu and offer their opinions on the tastiest selections. One was even a manager.

On this visit we stuck with the basics. We each ordered a burrito, mine the veggie burrito complete with black beans, rice, onions and peppers, and my husband had the chicken burrito smothered in queso sauce. Mmm, tasty. I was especially pleased because I had the option of making mine with a whole-wheat tortilla and low fat cheese and sour cream (which I proceeded to negate the health benefits of by adding queso sauce to mine, as well. I couldn’t help t! It was delicious!). Each burrito also comes with a side of tortilla chips.

I quite enjoyed my Tijuana sized burrito (medium), but I probably could have gone with the smaller version and been just as happy. There’s also a megajuana which is twice the size of the medium and I couldn’t imagine stomaching, though it would probably be a good size to share. My husband also enjoyed his burrito, though he thought olives were a strange addition next to the jalepenos, sour cream, cheese, etc. He ate the whole thing plus his chips and part of mine and headed home in a food coma. Apparently he could have benefited from the smaller burrito, as well.

Tijuana Flats also has tacos (including fish), salads, flautas (fried tacos that one employee staunchly recommended), chimichangas, nachos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and of course a kids’ menu and dessert (cookie dough flauta, any one?). But what really sets Tijuana Flats apart from any other burrito place, say, Chipotle, is their hot sauce bar. They have over a dozen different kinds of hot sauces from mild and sweet to melt your face off and you can try them all. My husband almost had an episode. Before we even got our food he had a row of little sample cups lined up across the table and after every couple bites he’d get up to go get more. And if you find one you can’t live without you can even buy a bottle.

I also love that there is no extra cost for the queso sauce, however, there is for guacamole (just like anywhere). Also unlike Chipotle, I appreciate the size options and the prices are comparable. They, too, use hormone-free meat and fresh ingredients. And for calorie counters, they even show you right on the menu what options you have for 500 calories or less. Pretty cool.

Between the tasty burritos, energetic staff, a selection of hot sauce that would make a spice enthusiast giddy, and the decent prices, we’ll definitely be back. After all, there’s still a whole menu to experiment with!

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