Sachi Sushi

I love Asian food. I have probably already mentioned this once or twice. So I was naturally excited to try out Sachi Sushi here in Stuart. But this time it was more than my husband and I on a night out. I believe there were nine of us and we still received good service.

The restaurant wasn’t busy for lunchtime on a Saturday so the server wasted no time taking and delivering our drink orders which included everything from water to blended bubble tea. Yum. Although, while we patiently awaited the arrival of our meals – we weren’t forced to wait too long – I started feeling a little bitter that there were too many of us to fit in the booths with semi-authentic floor seating. If I’m going to eat Japanese food, I want to do it right, which includes sitting cross-legged on a pillow on the floor. Oh well. I suppose I prefer the company of family and friends to semi-authenticity.

Although there were plenty of vegetarian meal options, including sushi, I wasn’t terribly hungry so I had a seaweed salad roll. Simple and tasty. Not too much to screw up there. My husband had the Bento Box lunch special, most of which he was pleased with, but there was at least one item that escaped his scope of recognition that he did not care for at all. He explained that it tasted like deep fried herring with blue cheese. Not great.

The Chicken Fried Rice was popular at the long table with few complaints, but I tried my mom’s Cashew Nut sauce with rice and neither of us were impressed. It didn’t hold a candle to the dish of the same name at Fuji Sushi Thai that we had visited a few weeks prior. Even so, the presentation of all the dishes was impressive. Even if the flavor didn’t wow you, the plating was appealing to the eye.

Price-wise, one could get away with a meal under $10 if one were going to enjoy lunch, much of their long list of sushi, or appetizers, which ranged from the ubiquitous vegetable tempura to fried tofu to edamame. You might expect to shell out a bit more for dinner, though.

Service was good, employees were friendly and lunch prices weren’t bad, but if I were to go back, it would probably be just for sushi as some of the other dishes didn’t get rave reviews from our dining party. But if you want to try something new, maybe take your meal a little closer to the ground, it’s worth a try.

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