Mulligan’s Beach House & Restaurant

Dining at Mulligan’s was actually a last-minute decision. I was out with friends, we were hungry, there was Mulligan’s. Sure, Duffy’s was down the road, but it didn’t seem to have the same atmosphere. So we opted for a patio table at Mulligan’s on a beautiful Florida evening and cracked open the menu.

The menu was bright and colorful, which is important to me. It helps establish the feel of the restaurant, which is half of the reason people dine out. Lots of appetizers, lots of drinks, lots of fish. Lots of fish. But you know what, I was OK with that, because right there on the menu it states in bold print, all fish caught locally. Naturally I didn’t take the menu’s word for it, I asked our server. He confirmed that it was 100% true. Fantastic! Because locally caught fish meant I could at least have the Mahi Mahi according to my eating practices that any fish that I eat, however rarely, must be sustainable. And it just so happens that Atlantic Mahi Mahi makes the cut. Also good because in the way of other vegetarian cuisine, I think I could have gotten a salad. A tasty salad, but I rarely go out to eat and want a salad.

I ordered the Mahi Mahi wrap, my tablemates ordered the fried fish and chips, which was quite a large, crispy piece, and the crab cake sliders, which came as a pair. We were all very pleased with our selections. I had the option of grilled, blackened or jerk Mahi, asked for jerk because I love a little kick to me entrees, and it was quite delicious. I was a bit disappointed after my first bite when the fish seemed a bit dry and flavorless, but the second bite dispelled my doubts. There was no additional sauce in the wrap, which would have been delightful, but the combined juices of the fish, tomato and lettuce in the wrap created a nice flavor. I was really quite pleased with my meal. It came with a bitty little salad (one of those four-bites and you’re finished things) on the side and a serving of some very tasty fries. They were crispy and really looked hand battered and fried and they were perfectly seasoned. I want some more of those fries just thinking about them! Needless to say, all three of us cleaned our plates and were very satisfied.

The service was good, too. Our server was friendly and polite and not too intrusive. I was impressed when he delivered a second glass of water to me just as I was finishing up my first. I love it when servers pay attention like that and I don’t have to ask! The manager came around to check on everyone and she was very warm and friendly, asking how our meal was and discussing the possibility of a haircut after complimenting mine. So funny. She even came around as we were ready to leave and offered us Easter eggs filled with stickers and silly bands – it was Good Friday. Very friendly.

I would definitely go back again, and next time I’ll bring my husband along. And I feel good doing it with produce from local farms, locally caught fish, and the VIP Locals card that Florida residents can sign up for to get 10% off their meal any day and buy one get one half off entrees on Tuesdays. I’m always up for savings. Otherwise, expect to spend $11-$25 dollars per meal, a bit steep for my liking, but worth it every once in a while. The more expensive stuff includes items like pricey fish fillets like salmon and fancy steak, so if you’re going more for the food of the Keys, you should be able to scrape by on the lower end of the price spectrum. The three of our meals only cost between $11 and $13 a piece. So eat out. Enjoy Stuart!

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