Luna Italian Restaurant (Outdoor Dining)

There’s a nice little spot right along the Flagler strip in Downtown Stuart that is the perfect place for a quick, tasty, and filling lunch, dinner, or mid-afternoon snack: Luna.

By night, a cozy sit-down Italian restaurant on the inside, but all evening and afternoon you can snag some sustenance from a window that opens to the sidewalk. Sustenance in the form of pizza, that is. Gigantic slices of pizza. Seriously, I’ve had a slice from Luna twice and neither time was I able to finish the whole thing.

This time I ordered the Luna Veggie mostly because it intrigued me. I’ve tried lots of things on my pizza before, but never things like green beans, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach and squash all under a sheet of mozzerella. Not all together, anyway. It was definitely interesting. Not bad, certainly, just interesting. It was good, but needed a bit of seasoning in my opinion. Luckily, on the bistro tables on the sidewalk I found crushed red pepper, onion powder, salt and pepper and parmesan. It didn’t need a ton, but I’m a big fan of garlicky pizza and there wasn’t quite enough to appease me.

My husband had a slice of the house pizza and enjoyed it. Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and onion, and the perfect amount of sauce and cheese. He said it wasn’t lacking in flavor, but he still added a few of the same seasonings that I did. He said he would definitely order it again. We also sampled a few garlic knots which were perfectly potent and not to dry. And at .35 a pop, a good deal, too.

Slices at Luna run in the $4 range, which deterred me until I saw the size of the slices. These are two-handed size slices, for sure. They even offer forks and knives for those not brave enough to tackle the monstrous things.

Over all, it’s a great (cheap) place for a casual family dinner outside, a quick lunch, or a simple snack while you take a stroll around downtown – don’t forget to stop into Hoffman’s for ice cream afterward. I’m sure we’ll be visiting again and if we ever make it into the dinning room for a proper sit-down meal, we’ll let you know how that goes, too.

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