Key Lime Café

As of the writing of this piece, we’ve been to Key Lime Café twice and enjoyed it both times. Actually, it was the very first sit-down restaurant we went to within the first couple of weeks we were here in Stuart and we could immediately tell it would be one of our favorites.

First of all, we loved the outdoor atmosphere. Being from Ohio, we were thrilled to be at a restaurant that is basically 100% outdoors! It was paradise. The first time we went for dinner on a Friday evening. There was no wait and we were given the option of sitting in front near the live music – which was great – or in the back, which was quieter. We opted for the back since we had a lot to chat about. All of the seating was very informal, resembling either patio tables and chairs, picnic tables, or tall tiki-style tables and stools near the bar. As the sun went down the place was lit by white string lights and lantern, which lent to the island vibe of the restaurant. We liked it very much, but if you’re one of those people who prefers bright restaurants over those with twilight ambiance, you may want to visit before the sun goes down.

The service wasn’t super fast, but that’s part of the feel of the laid back eatery that equates itself with dining in the Florida Keys. You’re on island time now. The servers were friendly and accommodating if not overly talkative, and worked as a team to take our orders, deliver our food, and check up on us.

I had the (vegetarian) Southwest Burrito that first night and I was impressed by the deliciousness of it. I couldn’t put it down! I didn’t even want to give my husband a bite because that was one less precious bite for me. He had the fish tacos and was equally impressed with their good flavor and the amount of food present. We also opted for the queso and guac, in addition to the free salsa, for our tortilla chips. Delicious. I only wished the queso cup was deeper.

The second visit was a litter later in the evening after a meeting downtown on a Tuesday and we both wanted a salty snack before heading home. Naturally, after the first experience, we wanted very much to go back to Key Lime Café and try out these Hurricane nachos we had seen on the menu last time. So we sat at the bar, this time listing to a live DJ spin some current hits, and got the nachos with no meat (so we could share. BTW, I was impressed with the number of delectable-sounding vegetarian options on the fun and well-designed menu. It was a ginormous plate of nachos!)They were topped with queso (my favorite), avacado, jalapenos, salsa, sour cream, tomatoes, you name it. For a bit extra you can get fish or beef thrown on, too, but obviously, being a vegetarian, we ordered sans carne. They were delish. And not lacking in the amount of goodies on top. Some places you end up with a bunch of plain chips towards the middle, but not these nachos. There was plenty to go around and we cleaned the plate.

I highly recommend Key Lime Café if you’re looking for a relaxing place to grab some really delicious grub or margaritas downtown. It’s a great place to relax, enjoy a beautiful afternoon or evening, catch up with friends in the island-esque atmosphere and experience a little taste of the Keys right here in Stuart. I know we’ll be going back and it couldn’t be too soon!

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