Galaxy Diner

A little off the beaten path, the Galaxy Diner isn’t a bad place for a meal if you’re looking for a basic American menu. We dropped in for lunch on a Sunday with a party of five and waited only five minutes or so for a table, which surprised me because the restaurant isn’t very spacious. I wasn’t sure what to expect with a name like Galaxy Diner, but the name doesn’t seem to allude to anything. The décor inside wasn’t particularly cohesive with hanging baskets on one wall and a mural of a very Pirates of the Carribean-esque scene on the other. But they serve breakfast all day, so I was willing to give it a try. Breakfast is probably my favorite meal.

So naturally I ordered breakfast. I got an omelet with swiss cheese, mushrooms, and asaragus, I think. Maybe it was spinach. That’s what I get for not writing the review right away. It came with toast and hash browns that more closely resembled fried potatoes in texture. I also ordered a stack of French toast which I can never turn down and split the whole meal with my husband, which was plenty for both of us to feel satisfied.

The meal was only acceptable. It had me wishing for an omelet from Waffle House, instead. It wasn’t very fluffy or flavorful and the French toast was a bit flat and chewy and lacking in complex flavor (and sweetness). The potatoes were good, but it’s hard to screw up potatoes. They looked like real potatoes, on the plus side. As in, they didn’t look like pre-shredded frozen stuff that was just pulled from the freezer. I am told that many of their menu items are made from scratch in the kitchen. I did sample a bit of my aunt’s spinach pie, though and found myself wishing I had ordered that. It was a bit salty, but warm and flavorful and quite delicious. It is apparently a Galaxy Diner specialty.

The server was friendly and talkative and earned her tip well, even if the food took a bit longer to arrive than anticipated – probably due to the relatively full restaurant and the size of our party. Food being made in-house most likely plays a part in that, too, so I can wait.

The menu selection didn’t stray far from typical American quinine, eggs and burgers and casserole and so on, so it’s a safe bet for picky eaters and families. And with many menu items under $10, it’s not a bad deal, either. On the plus side for me, there are quite a few menu options for vegetarians, too, which always impresses me.

I’ll certainly give Galaxy Diner another go and if you like your basic hometown family restaurant, go ahead and give it a try, too.

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