Blue Door

I love the look of the Blue Door. It’s artsy and original and I love the roomy outdoor seating area. There’s just something about unique little places like this that I love. One of them being that they serve up espresso the way it’s meant to be served: tamped by hand, carefully monitored by a barista, and poured artfully into a mug – not a paper cup – with the perfect amount of milk and sweetener.

Obviously I ordered a cup, and though I’m a bit picky about how heavy-handed most baristas are with the syrup, when I asked for half the usual amount in my peppermint mocha, it was perfect. Even my coffee snob husband gave the girl behind the counter props for her well-made cappuccino. That’s how you know it’s done right.

We ate our Sunday brunch of quiche, soup and muffins out on the patio beneath the shade of the trees. I adore eating outdoors. I much prefer dining on a restaurant’s patio than inside the establishment. At the Blue Door, there’s not much of a choice anyway with only two tables and a few extra armchairs inside.

The leek quiche was quite tasty and my husband and sister enjoyed the quiche Lorraine (ham and cheese). The egg was light and fluffy and the crust was flaky. I didn’t even bother adding extra salt or pepper. Although for about $4 per slice, the slices were pretty small. My mom said the soup of the day, a cream-based concoction with chicken and vegetables, was delicious and well worth the cost. Even the apple spice muffins were moist and tasty, though at nearly $4, I don’t think I would buy one again. I’m one of those people who tend to think about how much cheaper it would be if I just made them at home.

It did take some time for everything to be delivered, especially the espresso-based beverages, because there was only one woman working behind the counter. This isn’t Starbucks, after all, and thank goodness! But all was pleasing and delicious and I plan on returning to try one of their vegetarian soup specials and check out the Monday night movies they play on a portable outdoor screen on the patio. An old movie and an artfully crafted latte? Count me in! I think this might be my new favorite place to hang out, meet with friends, and get my fill of caffeinated beverages. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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